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Time to dip into the Fast Money mail bag and answer more of your questions.

Mary from Connecticut

Mary writes, “Since there seem to be so many defaults and foreclosures in the housing sector, will this translate into people defaulting on their credit card payments? And Will this hurt Mastercard (MA)?

Guy Adami told Mary that Mastercard doesn’t take credit risk; they simply process transactions. He recommended MA as a long-term buy.

Mary from Nebraska

Mary writes, “Why does Applied Materials (AMAT) keep missing the rising solar tide?”

Pete Najarian thought Mary made a good point and said AMAT should get into solar.

Jackie from New York

Jackie writes, “Karen, I know that you are value-oriented with regard to equities so here is my question: Ambac Financial Group (ABK) has lost about 70% of its value. Is this justified or is this a buying opportunity? If I look back in one or two years, might I see this stock double?

Karen Finerman said to Jackie that she understands Ambac’s business but just can’t get her head around the company’s capital structure. Consequently, she doesn’t recommend buying the stock.

Gary from California

Gary writes, “In 1997, the Asian financial crisis sent several small Asian economies into recession. As consequence of the slower growth in Asia, oil prices fell from around $30 to $10 per barrel in 1998. If the U.S. goes into recession, will oil prices similarly collapse even if China continues to grow?

Tim Seymour said that oil prices are more a function of supply, then they were in 1997. Although the US makes up 25% of the world’s oil market, a recession wouldn’t push down demand enough to drive down prices. Supply would still be tight.

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