George Bush, John Madden, Robin Williams: Insurance Salesmen?


Who says the insurance business is boring? Ok, it is (although I know a guy who once had to insure Bill Gates' Porsche years ago. He told me they charged him a fortune since they figured a guy like that would eventually want to see what 200 mph is like and wouldn't really care about the repair costs).

But who says marketing insurance has to be boring?

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company (just the name puts me to sleep) has come up with a hilarious campaign to encourage people to talk about difficult financial planning issues. They're sponsoring "Have the Talk, America" to get people...talking. And they've posted videos using celebrity impersonator Frank Caliendo posing as President Bush, John Madden, and Robin Williams, each hilariously trying to facilitate discussions among various families.

Caliendo is also the star of the new show "Frank TV" on TBS debuting November 20th, though he was only able to film four episodes before the strike hit. Let's hope the production is...insured...against a work stoppage??

In any case, when I first heard about the insurance "talk" videos, I thought, "Oh, this is going to be dumb." But then I watched some. I started chuckling, then laughing, then guffawing.

Here is a link to the video:

As President Bush, Caliendo tells a father and daughter that he's President of the "United Estates," and makes a litany of verbal gaffes, like telling the family that too many people don't have "a will and old testament. As John Madden, he admits he hasn't eaten a salad in 20 years, and "You know, I never really have a hard time talking. Making sense is another thing." The same could be said for me.

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