Mad Mail: Is Under Armour Really Over?

Jimbo: You ask me every night before the Lightning Round if I am ready, and the answer is a definite YES! Cadre always… --Jeff

PS: I am looking forward to the new book. I've made a lot of Mad Money on some of your favs: Goldman Sachs, CVRD, Transocean, Crocs, Freeport-McMoRan, MasterCard, etc. Thanks to you and excellent staff for all you do. Of course you have permission to use attached photo on air. --Ed

Cramer says: “Thank you very much and I urge you not to be greedy. It’s a tough market … big runs demand profit taking.”



Dear Jim: There are those of us who are long-term investors (one to three years) of Under Armour and still believe in the company and the brand. Like you mentioned on your show, insider selling happens for many reasons. Did Plank bruise your ego by selling shares, while convincing you that the company was OK? Well get over it Jim, and think longer term, more than just a few months! --AG

Cramer says: “It’s possible,” but the more important issue with UA is that it has built up inventory, meaning the pipeline is filled. That’s what’s more concerning. “You may own it but it may never be good again.”

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