The XXX Version Of Me (In Your Dreams!)

Apparently there are several Jane Wells' on the internet. There's me, there's my alter egoFake Jane, there's a Jane Wells who blogs on liberal issues for The Huffington Post.

And then there's a Jane Wells with a web site of her own that's, well, adult in nature for sure. (Sorry, no direct link provided. We're not THAT kind of business site.)

Now, naturally you're going to assume this woman is me (HHHHHHAAAAAAAAA!). Alas, it is not. But I find it fascinating that this Jane is able to pass off her "services" as legal. Jane "dates," and spending time with her costs money. A lot of money. Two hours costs $1,200, plus airfare and accommodations. Two weeks costs $50,000. Ok, she is making WAY more money than I am.

On my story today on CNBC about buildings going green through LEED certification (video below), Lou G. writes: "Enjoyed your segment on LEED, especially those waterless urinals in the 'green' mens room. May I suggest that a mens room with waterless urinals is not true 'green'. A true 'green' mens room has no urinals at all...just 4 large potted plants that require lots of Nitrogen (and an above eye-level window that is always open)."