Lightning Round: Diageo, Baidu, Cisco and More

Diageo : Do the cautious thing and lock in gains by ringing the register on DEO, Cramer said.

AirMedia : Cramer called this Chinese stock “way too dangerous.”

RPM International : At close to its 52-week low, it is “preceisely the right level” to buy RPM, according to Cramer.

Citrix Systems : “I don’t really care for Citrix,” Cramer said. There are plenty of cheaper tech stocks out there. : This stock has come down “tremendously” in the last week. Cramer would recommend it again at $250, down another $50. It would be “suicidal” to buy BIDU all at once, he said.

Research In Motion : Cramer wants even more weakness - $80 or $90 would be best - to buy RIM.

AT&T : It’s a buy. Verizon is good too, Cramer said, but T is down more.

BE Aerospace : A monster run means investors should lock in gains. Cramer would take half the position off and buy it back under $40.

Mattel : It may come back in the long term, but JAKKS Pacific is cheaper and better right now, Cramer said.

Riverbed : Cramer said its simply not as good as Cisco .

KHD Humboldt Wedag : Cramer prefers domestic infrastructure plays like AECOM and Foster Wheeler over this foreign name.

MEMC Electronics : The best way to play solar remains First Solar , Cramer said.

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