Ron Paul: Should I Re-Think His Chances? (Nah!)


As Ron Paul's online army is well aware, I have been candidly skeptical about the Texas Congressman's chances of actually winning anything in the Republican race for president. But after spending part of the weekend on the campus of my alma mater, Duke University, I was reminded of a salient fact I had overlooked: Paul attended Duke Medical School.

It's quite obvious, I will observe as an unreconstructed homer, that our gorgeous campus in Durham, N.C., graduates quality on every front--including politics. Didn't Richard Nixon graduate from our law school? Yes, he surely did.

So should I reconsider my view of Paul's chances? Does the Blue Devil gloss mean that Paul's views on the Iraq war, the role of government, monetary policy or trade will be any more saleable among Republican primary voters?

Naaaaahhhh....But to Team Paul, I say: Go Duke!

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