Winners & Losers: Airlines Take Flight

Airlines stocks take flight and another brokerage flirts with collapse.

With the price of oil slightly retreating and the holiday traveling season revving up, airline stocks may enjoy a profitable winter season.


Southwest Airlines rose 8.54 percent to close at $14.36 a share. The Dallas-based company announced they will add more flights out of Pittsburgh.

Other airline stocks on the winning side include Jet Blue up 2.99 percent, Delta Air Lines gaining 8.36 percent, and Northwest Airlines closing in positive territory at $17.66, a 7.88 percent increase.

Shares of E*Trade Financial lost more than 50 percent of its value on news that the online brokerage was another casualty of the credit crunch. Its share price closed at $3.59 a 58.67 drop.

Stocks on the downside for the day were NVIDIA l osing almost 10 percent, Apple closing at $153.67 per share a 7 percent drop, and Alcoa declined 3.29 percent ending at $35.87 a share.

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