Lightning Round: DryShips, Wynn, Annaly and More

Sun Microsystems : “This is no man’s land.” Cramer doesn’t think Sun should be bought or sold right here.

DryShips : “We have to wait.” This group is momentum-orientated, and there’s too much selling going on, Cramer said.

USANA Health Sciences : Cramer said this group has a stench to it, but Herbalife stinks less than the others. Go with that instead.

Starent Networks :Verizon , AT&T and Vodafone are better picks, Cramer said.

Wynn Resorts : In this market, Cramer thinks the stocks in this sector are too expensive. Don’t buy, he said.

Strayer Education : Cramer likes Strayer and ITT in the education space.

Annaly Capital : This company is levered to short interest rates going up, Cramer said, and since he thinks the Fed will cut those rates, he’s bullish on Annaly.

Mettler Toledo : Mettler is the kind of stock that rises slowly and steadily over time, Cramer said, so he recommends investors stay with it.

Rogers Communications : “I like Rogers. That is my favorite stock involving media right now.”

Shaw Group : “That’s a great play.” The stocks in the sector may not be bulletproof, but Cramer thinks the companies are. He’s not willing to back away yet.

ISIS Pharmaceuticals : For speculation in this group, Cramer recommended Onyx Pharma . For a less risky play, he said to go with Genentech . And he’s still a believer in Celgene, too. International, Focus Media and China Mobile are the only Chinese stocks Cramer is willing to recommend.

Walter Industries : The conference call gave no reasons to own the stock, Cramer said, but the stock is going up anyway. He recommended selling before things change.

Take Two Interactive : “That stock is a train wreck.” Go with GameStop instead, he said.

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