Ford's Image: What Would You Do To Change It?

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Here's a tough one: you've been put in charge of marketing a struggling automaker that has many positives, but just as many, maybe even more, negatives. How would you change that automakers image?

That's the job facing Ford's new marketing chief Jim Farley. When I saw him yesterday at the Los Angeles Auto Show, he was candid about Ford needing a fresh approach and he's willing to listen to ask the opinions of others. He bluntly asked me, "What do you and your friends think of Ford? What's the image?"

I told him that most people I know think of the F-series, the Mustang and not much else.

Farley has to figure out how he gets more people into Ford showrooms. The research shows once people are in Ford showrooms, they usually buy a vehicle. But the automaker's gone years without an effective ad campaign for anything other than the F-Series trucks.

I'm not sure what Farley will do, but I sincerely hope he is bold. Ford needs to stop selling the same regurgitated "aren't we wholesome" themes I've seen in recent years. Personally, I Have found Ford's ad campaigns bland and forgettable.

What would you do? And I'm not talking about what cars or trucks you would build or discontinue. I'm talking about how do you change Ford's image? E-mail and let me know.

Questions? Comments?