Quakehold - Dran Reese

Dran Reese is the creator of Quakehold. Dran’s husband lost an expensive collection of bottles after an earthquake rocked their home back in 1987. Dran realized that there needed to be a


way to secure valuable items to shelves so they’d survive the trembles during the next earthquake. Two years later, one of Dran’s Swarovski crystals was broken after her dog crashed into the shelf. This was the final straw and the birth of Quakehold.

Quakehold is a putty substance that secures small objects to shelves, protecting them from accidents, cleaning mishaps, kids, pets and the trembles caused by an earthquake.

The putty is non-toxic and removable. Quakehold has evolved into an entire line of earthquake safety products and is now sold in Home Depot, Lowe’s, True Value and many other retail stores.

According to the company, Quakehold had $7 million in sales in 2006.

For more information visit www.quakehold.com