Lightning Round: Rite Aid, VMware, Arthrocare and More

Rite Aid : Cramer used to be a big fan of Rite Aid, but the stock hasn’t been performing well. So he can’t recommend it here.

VMware : It’s too volatile to play VMware, Cramer said. Go with EMC instead.

Medtronic : In this group, Cramer likes Hologic and Schering-Plough . “I am worried about the others,” he said.

Advanced Semi : Cramer is bullish on ASX.

Becton Dickinson : “I love Becton Dickinson.”

Tiffany : Tiffany’s “OK,” but for retail Cramer thinks Costco is a better bet. Kohl’s , too, after the company guides down numbers, he said.

Arthrocare : This stock is too expensive, Cramer said. The same goes for Intuitive Surgical.

First Solar : Wait for a pullback on FLSR, Cramer said. As oil drops, so should FLSR’s share price. Or, if you own some, take profits. Cramer said he expects stocks like FLSR and Intuitive Surgical will see profit taking, so Homegamers should take their own while prices are up.

Jim’s charitable trust owns EMC and Hologic.

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