Issuing An APB: Fan With Home Run No. 762 (UPDATE)

Barry Bonds record breaking shot.
Barry Bonds record breaking shot.

To the fan who caught Barry Bonds home run No. 762 on Sept. 5 in Colorado. Congratulations. You are the now the holder of Barry Bonds' final home run ball. And that's good news. Because it technically should break the record for the highest Bonds ball ever sold ($752,467 for No. 756).

Yes, Barry Bonds' indictment by a federal grand jury late Thursday afternoon, has me calling his career over.

So now to the important stuff. Where are you fan who caught No. 762?

For so many years, newspapers have been writing the obligatory story about the fan who caught the big home run ball. Yet, all the stories from that game in September in Colorado have nothing on the fan who caught what is still the most significant ball in baseball history. The best search on Google comes up with nothing.

In fact, as the good guys at collectibles publisher Tuff Stuff recently documented, the Rockies never identified the individual and there was apparently a "fake ball" involved.

So here's my plea. If you have the ball or have any information on the person who has the ball. I want to talk to you. Send an e-mail to as soon as you can.

Update: Major League Baseball spokesperson Susan Goodenow just informed me that the Bonds No. 762 ball was NOT marked. "We were going to resume for the last two weeks of the season" Goodenow said, "but he hit his last home run on Sept 5th."