See What People Are Saying On Nov. 16th

I normally get home in time to watch Dylan and the gang at home via my cable provider. However, every once in a while I get stuck at work and would like to be able to watch via my computer/internet link if it is available. I have gone to the website but don't see a way/link that would enable me to do so. Is it possible?

--Mack B. from Texas


Who is making programming decisions for the West Coast. Fast Money airs once on the West Coast and that's it. Not everyone has TiVo.

-- Greg H. from California


I've got some good news for Mack, Greg and everyone else. If you miss Fast Money on TV -- you can always watch it on the web. Video from the show is embedded in each corresponding Rapid Recap post.

For example, if you miss Pops & Drops - you can either read it, or watch on the Rapid Recap. The same is true for Word On The Street and every other segment of our show. Check it out.

-- Lee Brodie

> Pops & Drops: Stocks On The Move

> Word On The Street: Another Late Day Sell-Off

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