Countrywide Eddie Murphy And Canada: Your Emails To Me

I've returned to the sunny, smoggy, overpriced confines of Los Angeles, and I've opened up the ol' Funny Business email box. OUCH!

On my Canada travels, Paul E. from Florida writes:

"Why does Jane Wells' ignorance of things Canadian get translated into our ignorance? Lose it, already - I'm not your 'we.' Californians are notoriously provincial and uneducated. For the rest of us who were educated in non-California schools and who take an interest in life and therefore can read French and know that F=32 + (9/5*C) and that 5 degrees is 41F, please show some respect."

On the shooting of Eddie Murphy's new movie being delayed by a Writers Guild picket line, Keith G. writes:

"Eddie Murphy went home. Would not cross the line."

And on my blogs earlier this week on Countrywide, from Gary O:

"What the heck is really going on at Countrywide? Is this latest move really an 'oh poor, poor me' move to garner public support for the 'Gov' to step in and help? Or are they really at a turning point? My interest is sharpened as they are my primary 'go to' lender here in Nashville, and I can tell you, I can't get a straight answer here from the locals."

From Bruce B: "The fact of the matter is the worst is not over for Countrywide, their top producers are fleeing to join other companies...I know for a fact that they gave brokers the ability to originate high fee loans which they purchased that should never have been closed. The beginning process of class action suits is growing..."

And from Denise T., who identifies herself as a branch manager for Countrywide in Tennessee, a Desert Storm vet who just got laid off, part of a letter she says she's written to Brian Hale, President of Countrywide's Consumer Markets Division:

"We have operated our branch over the last few years with very little support from our regional office. I care about what I do. This is more than a job to me, it is a career. I planned on retiring with Countrywide. I believed in Countrywide. More importantly, I loved coming to work each day. I was dedicated to my job, my customers, my co-workers, and most importantly, Countrywide Home Loans. I signed my "pledge" to Support Our House! I have the green plastic bracelet to show my dedication! Where is Countrywide when I need it? Where is Countrywide's dedication for its troops? Is it so easy to find dedicated people to stand behind Countrywide? Was it easier for you, Brain Hale, to just let go of your most valuable employees so that you can continue flying your jet plane, riding in limos, drinking your "special" water..."

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