Chaos and Control

Monday night on The Big Idea, learn the secrets to finding millions through chaos and control. Tonight’s guests reveal how their lives were once in a state of chaos, but they regained


control…transforming themselves and opening the door to million dollar opportunities.

Jeff Lewis, star of “Flipping Out”, lived in a world of chaos. Jeff suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and tonight he tells Donny how it affected his childhood and early years. Jeff refused to let OCD control him and shares the secrets of how he turned his life around.

Also tonight, Dream Dinners founders Stephanie Allen and Tina Kuna were two busy mothers on the go. Between running a family and managing a busy household the two found that getting the family together for dinner was often a difficult and chaotic task. Stephanie and Tina used this moment to find a solution that would give them control…and Dream Dinners was born.

Are you living a life of chaos? Tonight’s guests will teach you how to regain control and get you on the path to millions.

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