Landing Pad for Electronics is a Real Charge


What if you could avoid the hassle of plugging in your cell phone, MP3 player and digital camera to recharge them? What if you could just throw them on the desk and a short while later they're fully recharged?
It's a convenience that Ryan Tseng, President of WiPower Inc., is working on it right now.

What's your idea?
It's a universal wireless charging platform, or pad, for all of your electronic devices. It frees you from all the tumble of multiple chargers and power packs.


How is that possible?
It uses magnetic induction, which has been used for a long time but recent breakthroughs allow it to be used for consumer devices. Any device using it had to be much larger and was much more expensive. New developments make it more efficient and less costly.

So how does this platform work?
It can be a stand alone, plugged into the wall, or be embedded into a desktop. It can be just about any size.

You come home with your phone, MP3 player, camera, etc., and plop it all down on the desk and it all gets charged, with no chargers, no cords, no adapters, nothing. It could be part of hotel furniture all across the world, and you wouldn't have to carry any chargers.

Can I buy one now?
Not quite yet. We are pursuing two things at the same time. In order for the platform to work with your device, the device needs a receiver.

We are building a development kit for OEM's (original equipment manufacturers) like Nokia, Dell, etc. So when you buy your phone or whatever gadget, it's all set to work with the platform. The development kit is a whole set of instructions for how this works. That's what they require. That will be ready by mid-2008.

And we are also looking at the aftermarket opportunities. We're working on a device to adapt your gadgets so they work with the platform. That means the consumer can do it on his own, and bypass the providers. We're hoping that will be ready in late 2008.

How's business?
We are a start up company with five employees. We are looking for venture capital. We're looking for money, partnerships with other companies, and we're hoping consumers will purchase these products.

And are you still a student?
Yes, I am an MIT student.