Are You CEO Material? What You Need to Know

Can you handle risk? Know your way around emerging markets? Rub elbows with socialites? Oversee a compensation committee?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you may be a hot commodity.

Executive search firm CT Partners took its annual look at the hottest jobs in business and the characteristics of the executives who fill these positions. They found executives with a track record of managing risk are in demand.

"As an executive, as a CEO, you've got to be thinking about what could happen that comes out of nowhere that's going to affect you negatively," said Brian Sullivan, chairman and CEO of CT Partners.

One recent example of this trend was Merrill Lynch's decision to hire John Thain for its top job.

Private equity jobs that focus on Brazil, Russia, India and China also made the list, and Sullivan said these positions require a special talent.

"What’s really fascinating about these emerging markets is that there’s a dual role," according to Sullivan. "You’ve got to run the core business, however, at five o’clock you’ve got to be able to shift gears, put on a tuxedo and spend a lot of time with the social people, with the legislators."

Other hot jobs? These include executives who have served as a director of a corporate compensation committee, which is a position that comes with a new set of challenges, according to Sullivan.

"This job requires a tremendous amount of delicacy, much more involvement than it ever has in the past and is a tough responsibility," Sullivan said.

Sullivan expects the next big wave will include the global heads of Human Resources sitting on boards.

"Everyone is talking about succession planning, recruiting, developing and retaining people. That’s where you’re going to see a lot of emphasis in the future," he said.