Man Tries to Deposit Fake $1 Million Bill: Police

Police in South Carolina arrested a man on Monday who tried to open a bank account with a counterfeit $1,000,000 bill.


Alexander D. Smith, 31, of Augusta, Ga., is charged with Disorderly Conduct and Forgery.

The subject presented a counterfeit note to a teller at Regions Bank in Clearwater, S.C., according to the Aiken County Sheriff's Office. The employee refused to accept the bill and called police. Smith then began to curse at employees.

Upon further investigation, the sheriff's office learned the subject purchased several cartons of cigarettes with a stolen check Sunday night from a nearby grocery store. He tried again Monday to make a purchase from the store, but the manager refused to accept the check.

The largest denomination of currency ever printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing was the $100,000 Series 1934 Gold Certificate featuring the portrait of President Wilson. Those notes were printed from Dec. 18, 1934 through Jan. 9, 1935 and were issued by the Treasurer of the United States to Federal Reserve Banks only against an equal amount of gold bullion held by the Treasury Department.

The notes were used only for official transactions between Federal Reserve Banks and were not circulated among the general public.