Stop Trading!: After Citi, Who's Next?

JPMorgan Chase and American International Group could be next in line for Middle Eastern investment, Cramer said on Tuesday's Stop Trading!. Both companies are down enough to make attractive targets.

Everybody needs capital right now, Cramer said, and that money could be put to good use. So it wouldn't be a wise move for a CEO like JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon to wait for his stock to go up before accepting an offer. "Take the money," Cramer said.

The Mad Money host was astonished by the lingering disbelief in the market despite the Abu Dhabi-Citigroup deal. "Maybe we've gotten too complacently negative," he said. Cramer knows there are real problems in the U.S. economy, but there were in 1990, too, he said, and that was worth a ten-baggerto anyone who bought the negativity.

American investors should see in the U.S. what their counterparts in the Middle East and Europe see, Cramer said -- opportunity.

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