Invest Like Abu Dhabi: Stocks Offer Good Bargains

Forget the gloom and doom. Like the Abu Dhabi group that bought a $7.5 billion stake in Citigroup, some investment managers think now is the time to jump into the market and buy stocks at bargain prices. Here's what some of them told CNBC Tuesday.

A Buyer's Market

"If you've just come into the stock market today, without knowing what has happened in the last month, you see a stock market that has low P/Es, that has high dividends, the interest rate's low, unemployment's low. I think the stock market will probably finish higher by year-end."

- Brett D'Arcy, CBIZ Financial Solutions Director of Investments

Growth Stocks at Bargain Prices

"Large-cap multinational quality growth stocks, their P/E ratios actually went down about 5 percent a year over the last five years, as investors went into energy, materials, and commodities, so you can actually buy quality growth stocks at a cheaper price than they've been in decades...examples of companies in health care would be Becton Dickinson, in technology would be something like Automatic Data, in infrastructure would be something like GE. There's tremendous opportunity where the growth is."

- Jim Awad, WP Stewart Asset Management Chairman

Investing in Tech and Industrials

"We've liked technology for some time, that's a good sector of the market. Industrials have been all right, materials have been pretty strong. The stock market is clearly just reacting to increased odds of a recession, and right now you can see recession everywhere but in the statistics. The economy basically underneath everything is doing pretty well"

- Bob Baur, Principal Global Investors Global Head of Trading

A Great Entry Point

"We're still in a pretty negative headline environment. There's a lot of moving parts and they still don't have a leader, so it could be a rocky road over the next six, eight weeks, but, I think, once we start getting into 2008, we'll look back at $30 Citigroup and say in hindsight, 'Wow! What a great entry point!'"

- Jeff Harte, Sandler O'Neill