Bargain Bin: What Sectors Stock Pros Like Now

With many stocks selling at bargain prices, now may be a good time to jump back into the market. The tech sector seems to be the favorite of investment strategists, but some see bargains in other sectors as well. Here's what some market pros were telling CNBC Wednesday

BlackRock: Tech, Healthcare

“Take a look at some of the technology names. Take a look at some of the healthcare names, and if you really want an aggressive fund, where’s your Apple, where’s your Google.”

- Bob Doll, BlackRock Vice Chairman

Betting on Technology

“I think technology will really resume its leadership position, of course it did lead for most of 2007, and we have seen a pullback in that relationship. I think that relationship resumes and we see that trend of outperformance favor large-cap technology stocks and also energy as soon as the pullback in crude oil ends.”

- Katie Townshend, MKM Partners chief market technician

Financials and Retailers

"Financials and retailers, I think, have discounted the majority of the bad news. We have a very long-term outlook, three to five years, and I think the way that people can make this a December to remember is by remembering that they actually stepped up and bought some of these stocks when nobody else was willing to.”

- Christopher Zook, CAZ Investments Chief Investment Officer

Education Services

“One sector that we follow here at Signal Hill that we really think makes sense in this kind of environment is the education services sector.”

- David DiPietro, Signal Hill Capital President