Mutual Funds: The Gift That Keeps On Giving


Stumped for a holiday gift? Dan Lefkovitz recommends an investment in a mutual fund.
"It's the gift that keeps on giving," the Morningstar senior fund analyst told CNBC.

He has some suggestions about good funds to stuff a stocking with: the Pax World Balanced Fund, the T. Rowe Price Global Stock Fund, and the Primecap Odyssey Growth Fund.

Lefkovitz called the Pax World fund "the first mutual fund in the marketplace to use socially-responsible investing criteria."

On the balance sheet, he praised its investment mix that includes a consistent 25 percent in bonds, and its "global mandate" in equities.

The global mandate also applies to the T. Rowe Price fund, which he likes because of an "extremely talented manager, a flexible asset base," from a house that "treats shareholders with a lot of respect."


Primecap's fund is relatively new and appeals to Lefkovitz because of its small, flexible asset base.

"We recently added this one to the Morningstar 401(k), which shows you how much conviction we have in the fund," he said.