Manager Finds International Stock Inspiration


When a company combines international exposure with inspired management or a predictable business model, an investor should take note, says fund manager Jeff Auxier.

His Seattle-based Auxier Focus Multi-Cap fund is up 6.2 percent this year, and 11.4 percent over the last five years.

One of the fund's small-cap components is Textainer.
"It's a play on the trade routes between Asia and the Middle East and Europe, which are particularly strong right now," Auxier told CNBC.

He acknowledged that the well-managed firm could falter if international trade slows, but right now, it's the No. 1 company in the global shipping-container industry.

Another small-cap stock in Auxier's fund is MoneyGram International, a money-transfer business that draws on a customer base from the "190 million people that live outside their countries of origin, transferring money back."


Auxier told CNBC the company combines the predictability of a "processor business" with the tremendous potential of emerging markets.

He does not own either Textainer or MoneyGram personally.