One-on-One With Rudy Giuliani: Part 2

Sen. Hillary Clinton's plan to tax oil companies and use that money to develop alternative energies is "central government bureaucracy at its worst," Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani said in an interview with Cramer Thursday.

That's exactly the type of business President Nicolas Sarkozy is trying to move France away from, Giuliani said. "Hillary's going to make us more French than the French. The way to do it is to give everybody the chance to succeed. Not put a lid on growth, the way she wants to do."

Clinton's attitude is indicative of the Democratic platform, Giuliani said. Democrats want to put a lid on growth, and that will lead to a decline for everyone. He'd rather remove the lid and "let everybody aim for the sky." If unfairness arises, it can be dealt with. The goal is to give people more educational and job opportunities.

Former Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik has been in the news lately after being indicted for conspiracy, mail fraud and lying to the IRS. Giuliani admitted that while Kerik's job performance was "superlative," it was a mistake not vetting Kerik more extensively. "It's my fault," Giuliani said. "I'll improve in the future."

Watch the rest of Cramer's interview with Giulianias the presidential candidate talks about the weak dollar, government spending and his time as U.S. attorney.

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