A Visit to Warren Buffett's Favorite Restaurant


Tonight's CNBC one-hour special Warren Buffett: The Billionaire Next Door - Going Global(9p and 12m ET on CNBC) focuses on how Buffett is increasingly looking overseas for investment opportunities, a trend highlighted by his recent whirlwind trip to China and South Korea. CNBC Squawk Box co-anchor Becky Quick had an "all-access" pass during that journey, traveling with Buffett the whole way. (You can also see some of the behind-the-scenes video that Becky shot herself during the trip in her web-only Video Diary, including the great cheeseburger standoff in China.)

But it's not all international travel and cuisine in tonight's program. This morning, Becky showed a short clip taking us to Warren Buffett's favorite restaurant in his home town of Omaha: Piccolo's, also known as Piccolo Pete's.

I love the food. The two sisters are just terrific that run it, ah, but it just couldn't be a better place. So I take, if A-Rod 's in town, Jeff Immelt (General Electric Chairman & CEO) is coming into town tomorrow, we'll have dinner there, whomever, and they always like it and we always finish with a root beer float.

Becky: Like many of Buffett's favorite things, Piccolo's is family-owned and operated. Prime rib is their speciality, but not always what the Oracle eats.

Becky to Donna Sheehan, Piccolo Pete's Co-Owner: When he comes in, what's he generally order? Because everyone always hears about how he likes french fries, he likes hamburgers.


Donna: He will have either veal parm or chicken parm. Once in a while he will have prime rib and he has mostaccioli (a variety of pasta) and hash browns, he loves hash browns here.

Becky: Lots of vegetables, too?

Donna: He never orders any vegetables. (Laughs.)

Becky: But he does like the desserts, right?

Donna: Yes, he loves root beer floats.

Becky: That's his thing every time?

Donna: That's his thing every time, a big root beer float.

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