Mad Mail: Bring Hillary on the Show!

Dear Jim: I am shocked to see Rudy G on your program last night. I am not happy about this mixture of politics with your investment strategy. But seeing that you have, when are you going to have Hillary on? --Donna

Cramer says: “She is invited every day of the week.” I ask the candidates about the market and plan on doing a series on which candidate will make you the most money and a series on what each of them owns.


Boo-yah Jim: Love the show. You recommended Masimo a month ago during the “Know your IPO” segment. Since then, the stock has gone on a tear, up 3 points just yesterday. Do you think that it will continue to be a good company to own considering health care is something that everyone needs regardless of the economy? --Steve

Cramer says: “it’s just a pistol … I think it does go higher. It’s part of that diagnostic group I absolutely love.”


Dear Jim: Can you let me know what’s up with Brocade ? After the Cisco call, it has been all downhill, but the BRCD call yesterday sounded great. The numbers were great, guidance was in-line, and the buyback is strong. The only negative news I heard was about margins, 58% this quarter vs. 62% Q406. I think the story is intact, and am staying long, but why doesn’t the street agree? Thanks for everything - can’t wait for the new book. Keep it real Jimbo!!! --Jared

Cramer says: “I think the sellers are wrong … I liked everything I heard [on the conference call]. I think Brocade is a buy.”


Dear Jim: I am new to stock investments and new to your show. Lovin' every minute of it! With the latest report that the internet is going to experience major brownouts within the next two to three years unless infrastructure is expanded 60-70%, what companies out there will benefit from this rush to expand and thus make good stock buys now? --Dan

Cramer says: “I think Level 3 is still the play.”


Dear Jim: BOOYAAH from San Diego! On your show Thursday, you talked about the vast untapped coal reserves in the U.S. I bought Sasol several months ago and am up about 60%. Do you think alternative energy stocks such as SSL will still be popular if the price of oil continues to go down? Should I ring the register on this one? Love your show, thanks!! --Earl

Cramer says: Yes, take some profits. That said, Sasol is the “single best coal-to-energy play.”

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