Web Exclusive: Cramer Appears on High Net Worth

Despite what you hear, it's a mistake to put the maximum amount of money allowed under the law into a 401(k), Cramer told High Net Worthhost Tyler Mathisen. Cramer will appear on this weekend's show to promote his new book, "Stay Mad for Life," which hits stores Tuesday, Dec. 4.

Cramer's message was to take the company match and no more. IRAs are better alternatives as far as he's concerned. And whatever you do, never bank your entire life savings in your employer's stock. "That is the height of recklessness," he said. There's no guarantee a business will last. Just ask former Enron employees.

When it comes to picking mutual funds, focus on the manager and not the stocks. "The manager is everything," Cramer said. For his new book, he put mutual-fund managers to the test to see who performed best -- not when the market was good, but during some of Wall Street's worst years. "There are not many who survived that cut," he said.

Viewers can find out which managers did, though -- plus a whole lot more -- when Stay Mad for Life comes out.

Watch the rest of the interviewto find out which stocks Cramer thinks will be strong buys for at least five years.

And don't miss Cramer on High Net Worth Friday, Nov. 30 and Sunday, Dec. 2 at 8:30 PM ET.

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