Mad Mail: Hall of Shame Too Harsh?

Hey Jim: Friday's bashing of CEO's with poorly performing companies was one of the ugliest episodes I've seen. I know the objective here is not to make friends. But, along with a negative performance evaluation, wouldn’t a trace of human understanding be in order in dealing with individuals who are, undoubtedly, giving their best efforts? A little humility, a bit of "there but for the grace of God," could soften a realistic assessment of CEO under-performance, without framing the subject as a pariah on national TV. --Paul

Cramer says: “These are extremely highly paid people who run public companies.” If the coach of a poorly performing sports teach can get trashed and dumped on mercilessly, why not CEOs? “I am hard on these guys because they are being paid MILLIONS and they’re LOSING you money! Forgive me for being outraged.”


Dear Jim: Love the show. New book already on order! Regarding the show last week where you said to get out of cash…how does that square with the point that you have made over the years that you should keep 10% of your portfolio in cash in order to be able to take advantage of opportunities? Are you saying that THIS is one of those opportunities, that portfolio cash is different from savings account cash, or did you change your view? --Ed

Cramer says: There are a lot of people who have been comfortably on the sidelines with no money in the market, earning a 5% return. That’s great for putting in no risk, but it’s probably going to come down. Anticipate that the value of the interest from cash will likely decrease.

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