Stocks That Perform -- Even in a Downturn


It's tough for a stock to get into Robert Millen's good graces.

Millen is the co-portfolio manager of the Jensen Portfolio. He told CNBC he looks for companies with best-in-class products and steadily increasing bottom lines -- and he offered viewers two names that fit the bill.

These stocks, he said, "have attained a 15 percent return on equity for at least ten straight years, consistently increase their earnings and dividends, have sustainable competititive advantages, and can perform well, even in the face of declining economic activity."

The only bank in his portfolio is Wells Fargo.

"They're managed by a team that's very conservative in credit philosophy," he said. "They didn't get into many exotic subprime-type loans."

Millen thinks most of Wells Fargo's bad news is now behind it.

He also likes orthopedic-device maker Stryker because of its "great history of growing earnings."


"We just think they have a very good future, and are still attractively priced in the market," he said.

Millen and his family own both Wells Fargo and Stryker.