Customize Your Voicemail with You Mail


Ever wish you could have one outgoing voicemail message for your mom and another for your party pals? How about a nasty one for your ex? Or a suck-up message for your boss? Well, now you can.

Alex Quilici, CEO of You Mail explians.

So what's your innovation?
Our whole goal is to reinvent voicemal. To make it all much more efficient, and make it more fun. So there are two parts to it. The greeting is one part. And retrieving the voicemail is the other.

The greeting: The system recognizes the caller I.D. You can do single numbers, or groups, like for family. You can record your own greetings, or choose from the list on our Web site.

Retrieving the voicemails:

You can set things up to retrieve all your voicemails on your computer. You've got all this real estate on your computer. If you spend all day at your desk, why should you ever have to pick up your cellphone? We provide an inbox on your computer to manage your calls on your desktop. You can get messages, call back, forward messages, and do whatever you need to do. My wife got a call with directions to an event and forwarded all the details to her Mommy & Me group. It took only a few seconds. Much better than any cellphone. We just think voicemail should do exactly what the user wants it to do.

Is it hard to set up?
It's not hard at all. You sign up at, give us your cellphone number, and we give you a code. You put the code into your phone and you're done. All your voicemail goes through us.


How do you make money?
With a combination of advertising and premium content and services. If you have You Mail sitting on your desktop open all day, when you receive a message you'll see an ad -- an unobtrusive ad. Also, people on our Web site searching for the perfect message see ads. Plus we can send a text message whenever you get a voicemail message, so we're starting to include ads in the text message. It's very non-intrusive.

We also have premium content. The core service is free. But it's amazing how people are willing to pay for fun outgoing voicemail messages.

And what about right now? Are making enough to fund your operation?
We just raised just under $5 million from Vantage Capital. The partners started using our service and said, "Whoa this will be big!"