Victoria's Secret Post Hits A Nerve With Many Of You

Adriana Lima
Adriana Lima

Heidi, Alessandra, least three women who generate blog responses almost as much as Wal-Mart's CEO Lee Scott. The other time I remember receiving a flood of heated responses like these were in regard toWal-Mart's claims that it helps lower consumer prices across the country.

It doesn't shock me that supermodels in lingerie are attention grabbers but what did surprise me is that the email responses I received to my recent Victoria's Secret blogwere mainly complaints from women about the quality of that lingerie. My observations (as a consumer) about the quality control issues and in store service complaints hit a nerve.

I want to thank the readers who sent in their thoughts about Victoria's Secret. I'm sure despite the service issues, many will still tune into the runway show tonight on CBS. According to their Chief Marketing Officer, more women than men watch the show (a ratio of 3:2.) The show also causes a boost in traffic and sales in store during the following weekend. This is proof once again that Victoria's Secret has a STRONG brand despite its sales weakness.

Here are some of your thoughts:

Pam Dundon of Vermont...

"I completely agree about the lack of quality in almost all their merchandise. I used to shop there fairly regularly back in the late 80's because the garments were substantial enough to look good for more than a few wearings. I find I almost never go in there anymore since even the pajamas , which used to be cute, I still have some old ones - are so cheaply made now."

Sherrie thinks the "Mystique is gone...."

"Now the VS offerings are overpriced, inferior in quality and construction and the styles look like something straight out of Hollywood Blvd."

Lynn Waters...

"There is absolutely NO service until you go to pay. Then they try to sell you something, usually a credit card for VS, or whatever they have in stock that they need to get rid of. This is selling at its lowest. In corporate business, you have to find out what your client needs and deliver it. Why should VS be any different?"

Here's my next question though, where is everyone shopping for their lingerie these days? Are the department stores really reviving their undergarment businesses enough to get into VS marketshare? Let me know,

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