Car Colors: Are They As Bland For You As They Are For Me?

Oh, for the days of the gold Plymouth Duster (my friend Bob had a '72 one with three on the tree) or light green (my friend referred to it as "puke green") AMC Gremlin. Remember the old days when some automaker would come out with a funky colored car and people actually bought them?


Those days are long gone. The latest report from Dupont about the color of automobiles finds white has replaced silver as the most popular color for new vehicles. I don't know about you, but personally, I'm tired of bland looking cars, SUV's and trucks.

I find it odd that at a time people spend tens of millions customizing their rides, this trend has failed to trickle down and lead us out of our color blind appetite for cars. Why do we see auto interiors evolving into virtual rolling palaces, and yet on the outside most cars are yawners?

Part of it is because we want something that can be re-sold quickly at a decent price. If it's white or silver it won't offend potential buyers. The other part is fashion and tastes change so quickly, I think people are worried that what they think will look good right now, will be weird or odd-looking in a few years.

Whatever the reason, one thing is clear: our tastes in the color of what we drive has never been blander. Let me know what you think at

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