Fake Jane (Or Maybe It's Me) Gets Your Emails!

Reader Response
Reader Response

I get email! Or maybe it's Fake Jane that gets them. I'm confusing myself with myself. Anyway, here are some of your most recent responses.

Regarding Fake Jane's post about people talking loudly on cell phones oblivious to the rest of the world:

From Mike N:
"Whenever someone talks loud with their cell phone, I listen up close with my ear pointed towards them and join in the subject matter.That gets them upset and either they talk softer, or better yet, leave. Then I tell them to have a nice day so they don't get mad at me all the while achieving my goal."

From Gene B:
"I think it should be legal, and encouraged, to snatch the cell phone from ignorant peoples' hands, in public, and grind it under your heel."

From Ed L:
"When this happens to my wife--I call her 'the bionic ear'--she actually likes to hear other peoples conversations--the best thing to do is to go and sit down next to them and introduce yourself and join them. This is what I tell my wife to do ( she never has) you will be amazed on how fast they hang up the phone or just leave."

Regarding my rant on corporate-speak, and questions on what Six Sigma even means:

From Louis G:
"Remember when you were a college student, and your professor posted final exam scores outside his/her office so students could check how well they done? The professor would report the mean or average grade, and the standard deviation, and to get a B grade a student had to score so many standard deviation above the mean, and for a A grade so many more standard deviations above. Well one- sigma is the same as a test score that is one standard deviation above the average grade...so six sigma performance is the same as a very high or almost perfect score. Warren Buffet is a six-sigma performer as an investor, GOOGLE stock price since its IPO is a six-sigma performer. As for Countrywides's Angelo Mozilo...well let's be kind just say he is a minus 5-1/2-sigma."

From Dave in PA, whose wife had better not read this:
"Great piece on business lingo. My wife (Green Belt) spews that baloney 24/7. How about your take on Wall Street's disconnect with this year's holiday shopping trends? Whenever I hear an opinion on this, I get stuff like, 'average bonus down 5% from last year, to $425,000.' Concern that their spouses won't be able to renovate the guest house this year shows a cultural divide that might be affecting retail stock prices."

Fake Jane would like to renovate the guest house this year. First she needs to be able to afford a guest house.

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