Allison Stokke, MIA? And Timmy Tebow's Signature "Problem"

Allison Stokke 18-yr old Pole Vaulter
Allison Stokke 18-yr old Pole Vaulter

You might remember her name: Allison Stokke was a high school pole vaulter who turned into an internet sensation because of her good looks. But, after a Washington Post article that chronicled her apparently unwanted rise,the hits slowed down for Stokke. After the article, the unofficial Allison Stokke Web page even shut down for good. A couple weeks later,I was defusing the rumors that Stokke had signed with Nike.

Her collegiate eligibility was safe and I'm sure many people were looking forward to seeing her at Cal-Berkeley. That's why I was surprised when I went to see how she was doing in collegiate action, she doesn't appear on the Cal Track & Field roster. That despite the fact that Cal's directory lists Stokke as a student there.

Tebow's "John Hancock"
Having a sophomore win the Heisman Trophy poses a trouble to autograph companies. Tim Tebow's autograph is going to be in high demand, but he of course can't sign a formal deal if he wants to keep his eligibility. Only twice have these companies--including Tri-Star, Mounted Memories and Steiner-–had to deal with the winner having eligibility left and actually coming back (Matt Leinart and Jason White).

In the meantime, collectors are going to have hope that "Timmy Tebow" (how he signs his name) signs for free. There's certainly demand as evidenced from bidding on eBay on Sunday night for a football supposedly signed by Tebow that had 35 bids on it and closed at $177.

Don't "Bug Me"
I've been quite wrong on my predictions lately. Isiah Thomas is still coaching the New York Knicks and that can of bug spray from Game 2 of the ALDS only went for $673. I said Thomas would be gone by now and that the bug spray would go for $2,500. More than 30 percent of you were right, saying that the bug spray would sell for in between $500 and $1,000.

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