Christmas Shopping: What's Keeping You From Playing Santa?


So the good news is that I'm not alone. I have only made one Christmas gift purchase so far this season. Yes, budgeting is always a big factor in when purchases are made but honestly, I can't say that I'm waiting to get a better deal.

My new retail shopping theory involves a demographic argument: unless you have a kid or tons of little young nieces, nephews, cousins, godchildren, etc., shopping early isn't such a high priority.

There just isn't the same excitement in buying for necessity's sake as there is in playing Santa. Anyhow, my business and lack of excitement are my excuses for not shopping yet. What's yours!?

According to Britt Beemer of America's Research Group, 43.6 percent of 800 surveyed shoppers are waiting for 50 percent off sales to finish their Christmas shopping. Of those who have not yet finished, 60.7 percent expect to complete shopping between Dec. 22 and December 24. Twenty-three percent say they expect to shop on Christmas Eve.

Here are the most popular shopping destinations:
Wal-Mart 41.3 percent
Sears 18.2 percent
JC Penney 18.0 percent
Target 13.6 percent
Best Buy 12.9 percent

Maybe I'll start shopping from my desktop this week. However, since my laptop died last week, the likelihood of me doing most of the shopping online has diminished. That is, unless I shop on lunchbreak.

If so, I better get a move on. eHoliday study says 67.01 percent of online retailers said the deadline to place orders for ground shipping with delivery by Christmas is on or before December 18. While the easy route to go would be gift cards, I still think these are the lazy way out. Still, gift card sales are expected to reach $26.3 billion this season according to the National Retail Federation.

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