Housing: Have We A "Clear Sign" It's Hit Bottom?

Two homes for the price of one.
Two homes for the price of one.

This is kinda funny, in a sad way. Someone sent me this picture of a sign from a community outside Las Vegas (notice the Lennar sign down in the corner). Mm...how could anyone pass up such a deal?

Fake Jane's favorite holiday carol site must be shared:

Here people with way too much time come up with song parodies. For example, they have "Malay Ride" to the tune of "Sleigh Ride," where you hear some upbeat lyrics as "Just hear Beijing-jing-jingling, Kris Kring-kring-a-ling, too..." and goes on to celebrate all the ways Santa imports toys..."Vietnam is da bomb when a mom can shop, for prices that drop..."

There's also "The Dollar and Its Diving" to "The Holly and the Ivy."

And of course: "The dollar's been a haven, as safe as any vault. But with our dissavin', technically it's in default."

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