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    Can you believe it? It's already been ten years since the single currency was launched into anxious financial markets amid fears of failure and forex massacre (notes and coins were only introduced two years later to replace respective national currencies). So, what's the verdict after the first decade?

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    It's that time of the year, when children -- those who still believe in him! -- tend to send off letters to the North Pole, to a certain Mr. Claus to inform him about their wishes for Christmas in the (often) vain hope that they might be fulfilled and that, come Christmas night, this "special something" arrives down the chimney.

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    Trichet should be fired. Bernanke should be fired. Lethargic politicians should be fired.

  • A deckchair from the Titanic, tastefully rearranged.

    Don't you get the feeling that for the past year or so political leaders and leading bankers have been rearranging those deckchairs on this our global financial market Titanic, while the hull of the big ship is balefully scraping along that big, fat, menacing iceberg?

  • Ok, I could write about WHAT exactly ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet said or didn´t say at today´s press briefing following the expected "rates on hold" from the Euro tower ...

  • OK, Frau Wadhwa has ALWAYS been a great fan of our very own Rick Santelli (hey, even my Mum loves him and that HAS to count for something!)... And throughout this crisis that has mushroomed into a very nasty nuclear cloud before us, I have always maintained -- and often said so on-air and off! -- that good old Rick is one of the few voices of common sense and reason in the markets and on our very own channel. Today's performance and outburst from the market pit once again proved that to me with a vengeance!!!!

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    Want to start an altercation at Oktoberfest? Inform the people in your tent that Germany does not lead the world in beer consumption.

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    Talking to the beer producer at Oktoberfest there is definitely angst, as they say in Germany.

  • The brewing industry has faced tough times of late. Traditionally a defensive sector, brewers are facing stiff competition from wine and spirits.

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    There are two types of seating at the Oktoberfest tents: reserved and unreserved. My attempt at entering the reserved seating was blocked by security, press pass notwithstanding.

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    Oktoberfest is in full swing in Munich Monday and there are few signs that the credit crunch and Germany's economic slowdown is impeding the celebrations. But traveling tells a different story.

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    If the market knows best, why are all those oh-so-convinced capitalists running to the government, clamoring for hard-earned taxpayers' money to save their trembling bankers' butts?

  • Achtung! Attention! Attenzione! ..... TIME´s UP! ... well, maybe. Or haven't you heard of the "Big Bang" re-enactment? The Bang to end it all? Well, here goes: Tomorrow in Switzerland, the scientists of European Organisation for Nuclear Research are preparing to start a small-scale re-enactment of the "Big Bang" that created the universe (or some are claiming the end of the world!).

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    A year after the credit crunch started what, if anything has changed, and more importantly what have banks learned? (Hint, not a lot.)

  • European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet

    There is an adamant little Frenchman, Jean-Claude Trichet, and his merry band of monetary lawmakers drawing the line on inflation ... how'd THEY become the bad guys? Hmmm...

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    Not an ENTIRELY serious blog about the ECB, monetary policy and Eurozone rate prospects. Correction: an entirely UNserious blog in vague connection with the ECB and no connection with monetary policy at all. Although... you never know. (And, sorry: no juicy tales about Playgirl of the Month being introduced to spice up ECB monthly reports, either.)

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    Would you believe it? It's already 10 years, since Riverdance power-danced the new bank for Europe through its inauguration at Frankfurt's venerated old opera, with great fanfare, festive speeches and "Ode to Joy", Europe's national anthem.

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    - Notes from an ECB groupie's travelog -

  • Don't expect clarity when Deutsche Bank publishes it latest earnings figures Tuesday morning.

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    ... Burlesque in one Act by the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission