Helium: Not Just for Parties

With helium in short supply, Air Products, the world's number-one producer, stands to gain big, Cramer said during Tuesday's Mad Money.

He got the idea from a Wall Street Journal article(sub. required) that compared the current helium supply situation to that of oil: The easiest sources of both are tapped out, and it'll be some time before harder-to-reach sources make it to market. So now an industry leader like Air Products has the chance to raise prices the way Praxair did, thereby boosting profits.

"If Air Products performs anything like the oils," Cramer said, "you're going to be very happy if you own this stock."

Air Products is also one of Cramer's "$80-to-$120 plays." It's his theory that $80 stocks in a bull market should make it to $100 and then climb to $120. He recommended APD July 11 at $82.34, and just last Friday, Dec. 7 the stock broke through the century mark. Tight demand for helium, hydrogen and argon, all APD businesses, put this sector in bull mode, so Air Products shares should keep rising.

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