Lightning Round: Xerox, Cummins, Dominion and More

Greif : Cramer called this an “unbelievably good company.” He also recommended Sonaco , another packaging outfit, but warned that both could get hammered in the short term because of their cyclical nature.

VisionChina Media : Chinese media stocks are good, Cramer said, but he’s sticking with Focus Media , which has better fundamentals.

Countrywide Financial : Buy the preferred, not the common, Cramer advised. But CFC isn’t quite a buy just yet. He thinks the Fed decision could set the company back "a couple of quarters."

Allos Therapeutics : An “interesting” speculative cancer play that Cramer said could go to either zero or $12. Better do your homework before investing in Allos.

Xerox : The market is too crowded and too competitive for Cramer to recommend Xerox. He prefers Hewlett-Packard , or even Eastman Kodak as a speculative play on the same business.

Cummins : Cramer would let it come in four points and then buy it for its international exposure.

American Movil : “Exactly where you have to be,” Cramer said. AMX has good growth and isn’t levered to the Fed.

First Marblehead : With its student-loan exposure, Cramer said it’s better to stay away.

Speedway Motorsports : Discretionary spending isn’t healthy enough to keep this stock afloat, according to Cramer.

Big Lots : There are only about a half dozen retailers Cramer would buy. Big Lots is not one of them.

Dynegy : A utility that’s “right to buy” at present levels.

Coeur d’Alene Mines : “That stock has never done anything, and it never will.” Cramer would rather investors own either Yamana Gold or Barrick Gold .

XM Satellite Radio : The best way to play the probable merger is Sirius , according to Cramer. If the deal doesn’t pass, SIRI investors stand to get their money back, too.

Dominion Power : A “Bernanke-proof” stock that Cramer sees going higher.

Intuit : Cramer prefers Bankrate for its momentum.

Jim's charitable trust owns Hewlett-Packard.

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