My Garage Door And The "New" NFL


I wonder if I'll be able to get into my garage when I get back from this trip to Michigan and Ohio? Sure I will. After all it is 2007 right? How long can it take to get a garage door part?

"They say it's going to take two weeks." It's my lovely wife on the phone. " I asked them why and the woman didn't know. They say the part has to come from Ohio."

And it's coming back to the Southwest by what, mule train?!? What has me irritated about this, apart from not being able to get into the garage, is that waiting two weeks should not be part of the customer service equation.

Not if this company, Wayne Dalton, wants to compete. Let's see. I called them a week ago. It took them four days to come out and look at the door. It took another three days for them to get back to me about the door. And it's going to take "at least two weeks" now to get the part. So in reality, it'll be a month before that garage door opens again. Why? If they're sourcing the parts from overseas shouldn't they have at least one of everything in inventory?

It's another reason to believe that the companies that make things in the U.S and that can handle, quickly, their customers' needs, will be the ones that are successful. The ones that make you wait a month before fixing your problem likely won't be putting in my next garage door.

Wait a minute!!!!!! I'm going to Ohio! Maybe I can pick it up and bring it back myself!

"You call them." It's my wife again, "And ask them why they're making a five year old door sound like it deserves historical designation." Should be a fun call.

Speaking of calls, got one the other day from a buddy who is a New England Patriots fan. He took slight umbrage to my recent musings about the mediocrity of the NFL in general, and of the Patriots in particular. "Wait," I told him, "I have a couple more examples for you." First, the Patriots played Pittsburg on Sunday. And wasn't that Tom Brady, boy wonder, "trash talking" with the young safety from the Steelers?

The one that opened his mouth and guaranteed a win. The kid was stupid, but he also happens to be 2nd or 3rd string. Why does Brady care? Just throw the touchdown passes and walk away, show some class. And by the way, you just beat a kid who wouldn't make most teams. When a good team beats a mediocre team does that make the good team great? Ah, no.

And regarding the NFL in general, what has become the most favorite hand motion for quarterbacks and receivers in the league? The pantomime of an official throwing a flag. After nearly every pass play, the receiver or quarterback, or both, are wildly pantomiming the flag throwing motion, calling for interference.

Why? Because they're mediocre that's why. Because they want, need, that flag to move the ball down the field. I covered Joe Montana and Jerry Rice for years and don't ever remember that hand motion. Must be the "new" NFL.

"MOA" can be seen on "Power Lunch" on CNBC from 12 to 2 Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'll watch it with you at the end of the week. If I can get my garage door open.

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