Poll: Teaser Freezer - The Right Thing To Do?


Hi Everyone -

The Teaser Freezer story we ran last week generated a lot of interest. And I noticed a number of readers made a point similar to Terry P. from California who wrote....

The real question should not be whether the "Teaser-Freezer" initiative will help homeowners at risk of foreclosure... Of course it would. The question should be: Is it the right thing to do?

-- Terry P. from California


Terry, I agree that's an important distinction and so I'm asking all our readers the following.

-- Lee Brodie

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More viewer e-mail comments

I grow tired of the fix. No more band-aids. Let us finally take our lumps and be dragged through the mud. The economy and the consumer will stand and be cleansed. Lending institutions will be slapped on the wrist and we all move on. The consumer will not stop spending. No great degree of shock and awe for the consumer as a whole. Have a good one Fast Money Gang.

-- Stephen B


Do you remember 1990's property value downfall? I bought property in 1987 and in 1994 it fell 70%. In 1987 mortgage rate was high I selected adjustable rate 6% knowing it will go up. In fact I paid 13-14% rate for many years. Only after 2000 the rates fell to 5% but by that time I almost owed nothing.Where was govt. then? no body helped at that time.....

-- Ramesh from New York

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