Falcons Doing Just Fine (Financially) Without Vick

Michael Vick
Michael Vick

When everything happened with Michael Vick--who of course got sentenced to 23 months in jail yesterday--many of the critics said the Falcons would take a big financial hit from this. But the honest truth is the Falcons are doing just fine.

Since they sold plenty of tickets before the season, the Falcons--through last night's game--are averaging sales of 68,594 tickets per game. That's only down 1,798 fans or 2.6 percent. Sure, they could be losing some money in no-shows at the concession stand, but the point is that they can rebound with a great draft pick and a slightly better season next year.

If the Falcons are successful in getting just $5 million of Vick's bonus back and add it to this year's books, I bet they are in the black.

Last week, I wrote about Lenny Dykstra's new magazine for pro athletesand got an interesting response.

"Interesting piece on Double Down Media, Lenny Dykstra and The Players Club Magazine. But, unfortunately the magazine may (never) see the light of day since there was confidentiality agreements in place when Double Down Media and Maven Media Group Publications met. MMGP is the parent to Ryan McNeil's OverTime Magazine. Double Down and Maven Media met to try and joint venture on OverTime, during the analysis confidential documents and trade secrets were exchanged.

It just seems to coincidental that months after this meeting that Double Down would try and launch "their" own like magazine. Either they have a staff of attorneys working for them or it was the dumbest move in publishing to date. Nonetheless, we'd be surprise if the magazine sees the light of day. The next email is to our attorneys."
OT Magazine

But the most response came from my blog on why Brett Favre wasn't a hot endorser. An astounding 82 percent of you said that you would buy products endorsed by the Green Bay Packers quarterback.

"I am biased since I went to my first Packer game at 18 months old. That being said, Favre does appear in commercials: Wrangler Jeans, Right Guard, Gillette, Prilosec, Sensodyne and Rayovac Batteries. But I simply think it's not worth the time and effort since he's already earning a nice chunk of change. When he retires that will probably open the floodgates. And until then, I'll keep buying Wranglers, Right Guard, Gillette, Prilosec, Sensodyne and Rayovacs."
Danny C. Flucke Jr.

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