Lightning Round: Siemens, Cisco, Solarfun and More

Intuitive Surgical : Cramer is behind this stock as long as its breakthrough product, Da Vinci, stays in demand. He thinks ISRG will finish the year higher. Plus, it’s good for a slowing economy.

Force Protection : Too limited to one product, Cramer said. He prefers Textron.

US Airways : Do not buy any airlines – and especially not US Air – with oil going to $100, Cramer said.

Siemens : The German market is doing better than the U.S., and Cramer thinks Siemens is a buy.

Micrus Endovascular : Cramer said he has not researched this stock recently enough to make a recommendation.

Cognizant Technology : The Indian market is overheated, according to Cramer, and Cognizant has “danger written all over it.”

Syngenta : A “great stock” that’s part of the agriculture boom.

Solarfun Power : Even with its gigantic run, Cramer would rather buy First Solar , which he called “best in show.”

Cisco : The tech bellwether sells so far below its growth rate that it’s “ridiculous,” Cramer said. This is a great time to buy Cisco.

Prepaid Legal : “I would buy it.”

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