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Boo-yah Cramer: My husband Mike & I watch or record your show daily. We happen to think you're the MAN! When you were on “Live with Regis & Kelly,” you recommended buying your children Disney stock for a present. I am seriously considering buying McDonald's and/or Disney for my teenage daughters (ages 17 & 19) for part of their Christmas presents. My question is how to go about this - should I buy in my name with theirs added? Also, would you buy one daughter Disney and one daughter McDonalds or both the same stocks? --Donna

Cramer says: “I like to put it in their names because I like the idea that they own it.” Cramer writes specifically about McDonald’s and Disney in his new book, Stay Mad For Life.


Dear Jim: You are a great man! The FED needs to know. They need to be told each and every day. They need to FLOAT the Federal Funds rate and END this nightmare! You are the voice of the EVERYMAN! Thank you for being the voice for millions of people who are hurting! The FED is destroying families, weakening our currency, weakening our economy and helping our global competitors gobble up the world’s scarce natural resources at discounted prices! Your voice is being heard! Hopefully cool minds like yours can change the world! Thank you! –Average Guy from NJ

Cramer says: “I don’t want to put all that on the Fed,” but I don’t think they care what I said.


Dear Jim: Why did the price of oil fluctuate so much over a lost 21,000 barrels in the North Sea the other day while we have all these mining accidents and the price of coal (electricity) does not spike and fluctuate as radically? The up or down tick never seems as much following an OPEC meeting where they are contemplating massive barrel supplies. --George

Cramer says: There are a lot of speculators in oil but the best thing to do is to look at the trend, which is up. “Don’t pay attention to the futures. Pay attention to the trend.”


Dear Jim: I discovered something terrible today - a possible conspiracy! Dylan Ratigan's Wikipedia entry describes Dylan as "America's most handsome financial journalist for the business TV channel CNBC." I almost fell over and I'm sure you're feeling the same way! That sneaky Ratigan has a contingent out there trying to steal your crown as most attractive CNBC personality and I suggest you get to the bottom of it. Good luck setting things straight, and boo-yah! --Jen

Jim's charitable trust owns McDonald's.

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