Mitchell Report: I'm Good With It, How About You?


I'm good with the Mitchell Report. I know Bud Selig is good and I know the player's union won't be tonight. But I'm good. Sure, this report could have been so much more. But let's take it for what it is. Given that Mitchell had no subpoena power, he came up with a pretty nice list.

And that's what the fans wanted. They wanted a list. They wanted Clemens. They wanted Pettitte. They wanted Tejada.

Before it even came out, the Mitchell Investigation was criticized for only having one great source--Mets clubhouse guy Kirk Radomski. Well folks, Radomski wasn't just a Mets guy. He was selling a lot of steroids to a lot of players.

Could Mitchell's report have been more complete? Yes. If he could have forced people to talk to him. But the better question to ask from baseball's standpoint is, does this keep Congress from calling back again? That answer: Yes.

Does this report hurt the business of baseball? Well, if all these years the sport managed to be as robust as it is today, how could it hurt?

Remember, people who say they weren't satisfied tonight will still have their season tickets tomorrow.