Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton Read All About Her Going Green??

Paris goes green!
Paris goes green!

Two updates on the unsinkable Paris Hilton:

First, you know the green movement has "jumped the shark" when Paris Hilton wants to reduce her carbon footprint. While in Germany, she told the Associated Press, "I changed all the light bulbs to energy safe light bulbs (energy safe???), and I'm buying a hybrid car right now."

Before leaving town, Hilton also turned off the lights and the TV at home, and didn't let the water keep running. Well, I should hope so! Turning off the water before you leave home is ... progress?

Secondly, Paris is launching another branded item, Rich Prosecco, which is sparkling wine in a can. The ad campaign is quite provocative, as she poses nude (strategically) covered in gold metallic paint. Check it out:


Taglines can make a company. "You're in Good Hands." "I'm Lovin' It." "We Bring Good Things to Light."

Well, cub reporter Farmer John sent me a blog which dreams "if taglines were honest." Here are my faves:

iPod: It'll break in a year, but by then you'll want the new one.

Ikea: One day you'll be able to afford real furniture.

Hummer: Get the attention you've always craved. While filling up the gas tank again.

Taco Bell: You're drunk and we're still open.

PopTarts: Until you realize how disgusting they are, we'll keep making them.

Krispy Kreme: Less filling, just as fattening.

McDonalds: Always a good idea. Until afterwards.

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