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CNBC Presents "American Originals - Levi's: Sewing a Legend"

Jennifer Dauble

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., December 13, 2007-Blue, black, vintage, skinny and flared....there's nothing that fits better than a pair of jeans. That's why the jean business has become a $14.6 billion dollar a year industry. All this because of Levi's-the company that created jeans.

On Tuesday, December 18th at 10PM & 1AM ET, CNBC presents "American Originals – LEVI'S: Sewing a Legend," an original CNBC special reported and hosted by Carl Quintanilla, co-anchor of CNBC's "Squawk Box" (6AM-9AM ET).

CNBC's "American Originals - LEVI'S: Sewing a Legend" goes behind-the-scenes at Levi Strauss & Co., the universal trademark in jeans and an American icon that has swept the globe.

The program tells the history of one of America's leading companies from the mining days where the idea for jeans originated to present day where half the people on the street are in jeans. Levis, a company that has faced tremendous success and setbacks, brought denim side stitching and rivets into just about every household, where it has remained for more than 150 years. CNBC talks to the company's CEO, designers and historian about the qualities that made Levi's into the king of denim.

Bruce Springsteen wears Levi's, Marilyn Monroe made them sexy and Clint Eastwood showed off their rugged good-looks. Celebrities have always helped Levi's sell jeans. CNBC reveals the advertising campaigns that built the company's brand image and developed what every fashion manufacturer needs in order to succeed-a customer base of die-hard fans who won't wear any jeans but Levi's.

When competition hit the market putting Levi's in a financial slump, the company found itself in the middle of a designer jean war zone. Even today, while Levi's 501 has remained the best selling jean of all time, Levi's hasn't seen a profit move substantially in four years. CNBC examines the company's decision to create a new partnership with Wal Mart stores in the U.S. to roll out its new line called Signature jeans as well as its new high-end line called Capital E.

CNBC takes viewers inside the Archive, the place that tells Levi's history and holds jeans from every decade including one pair worth $125,000. And find out if you're sitting on a fortune in vintage jeans.

"American Originals - LEVI'S: Sewing a Legend," will re-air on Sunday, December 23rd at 9PM ET.

The program is produced exclusively for CNBC, First in Business Worldwide, by Kurtis Productions.

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