Pondering Those Suggestive Pictures

More for that "Lessons in Internet Journalism" book I'm going to write some day ...

Jane Wells wrote up a sleeping-with-the-boss survey that came out late yesterday. An entertaining and informative read. Naturally we grabbed some provocative art to go with it: A standard file shot we've used from time to time with more risque stories.


But the picture really suggests a stereotypical situation: female worker and male boss. In this day and age, it might be the other way around. Or same gender for that matter.

Indeed, one of the commenters laments the loss of his job after he made a play for his female boss.

Yes, perhaps the picture promotes one view of the situation. On the other hand, the managing editor in me knows that this type of picture plays well with our male-skewed audience. I doubt if we'd be getting the same type of traffic using a picture of The Situation.