John McCain: Latest "Up" In Up And Down GOP Race

John McCain
John McCain

The longer the Republican presidential race goes on, the crazier it gets. John McCain suddenly has a mild breeze at his back--because Mike Huckabee has undercut Mitt Romney in Iowa, because of his lingering support at the scene of his 2000 New Hampshire triumph, because Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman has endorsed him, and because the Boston Globe has provided its seal of approval as well.

Newspaper editorial boards and Democrats typical hold little sway in Republican nomination fights, but they are useful in appealing to independents who can vote in New Hampshire's Jan. 8 primary.

A few months ago, the political class wrote off John McCain as politically dead. But his own strengths and the defects of his rivals--it's easy to poke holes in the outlook for Huckabee, Romney, Rudy Giuliani, and Fred Thompson--have placed him back in the contest.

We haven't seen the likes of this in Republican primary politics for a long time.