Lightning Round: Mastercard, Baidu, JetBlue and More : Cramer said he would use the recent decline to buy more of the stock. But BIDU is volatile, he said. Don’t buy it all at once.

Bristol-Myers Squibb : A conservative stock that Cramer said he likes, even though he doesn’t expect it to grow very fast.

Focus Media : A great Chinese play on the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Cramer said.

Rite Aid : Once a Mad Money favorite, Cramer said he wouldn’t get behind RAD again until CEO Mary Sammons comes on the show and convinces him that she can turn the stock around.

Moog : If this aerospace stock would just pull back a few points, Cramer said he would be a buyer.

JetBlue : Cramer said he refuses to get behind any airline stocks with oil prices so high, JBLU included.

Mastercard : The safest way to play Mastercard is to sell half and let the rest ride, according to Cramer. When people realize it’s a play on a worldwide sea change and not the domestic consumer, it will go much higher, he said.

Genesis Lease : The stock has been “unrelentingly” bad even though the company is good, Cramer said. With fundamentals so solid, he won’t back away from this global air demand play.

ConocoPhillips : Cramer endorses COP “nine ways to Sunday.” He said it’s the cheapest oil stock around.

Jim's charitable trust owns ConocoPhillips.

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